This is where many foreigners have chosen to live, attracted by the warmth of the people, the pristine natural environment and the chance to rediscover a more authentic life, away from the hustle and bustle of modern cities.

Abbazia di San Liberatore a MajellaAlento

Borgo Majella is nestled among the green hills of Serramonacesca, in Abruzzo, at the foot of the Majella mountain range, it is well linked to all the main highways. The Serramonacesca area is crossed by the upper course of the Alento river and is an integral part of the Majella National Park.

"La Serre" is set amid breathtaking scenery beach and oak woodland, the river initially runs along a deep gorge before flowing, in its lower reaches, between banks lined with willow and poplar trees. In this enchanted location, where life is still wholesome and simple, people are able to rediscover themselves, the silence and poetry of the sounds, fragrances and colors of nature.


The town still boasts many traditional style houses, most of which have been restored to cater to the requirements of modern life, but without ever relinquishing the wonderful charm of times gone by.
At Serramonacesca, life is serene, but never monotonous: the surrounding area offers plenty of opportunities. Hiking and walking trails leading to holy places as the Abbey of Saint Liberatore a Majella or the Hermitage of Saint Onofrio, ancient ruins and rock tombs, fascinating traditions and, of course, the delicious flavors of Abruzzo cuisine.

Very famous is the "MagnaMajella", a wine and gastronomic route that links Passo Lanciano and Serramonacesca. A trail made up of tasting paths and stages surrounded by a breathtaking natural environment.

Only a short distance from the town is Passo Lanciano la Maielletta, with its winter ski facilities and summer hiking trails.