Between the Apennine Mountains and the sea is a land just waiting to be discovered: Serramonacesca is a relaxing and carefree hideaway and home to Borgo Majella. This residential complex has been developed specifically for people seeking the peace and quiet no longer available in the big cities, in green and pristine surroundings.
Here, people are warm and friendly. Hospitality is of the family type. The views are breathtaking and peace and quiet reign supreme.


The immediate sensation is one of psycho-physical well-being: just wonderful.
Living here means finding oneself, rediscovering oneself and surprising oneself. Borgo Majella offers dwelling solutions for any type of requirement. Quality standards are always high. Innovation and tradition come together, amid aesthetic taste and functionality.

The complex is made entirely of anti-earthquake reinforced concrete, consistent with the most stringent safety regulations. The entire complex has been built with wood-concrete blocks covered with wood fibre to significantly reduce energy consumption and provide interiors with balanced warmth and degree of humidity.

Each dwelling unit is finished in antique-rustic style, such as wrought-iron railings; the interiors are very comfortable thanks to a stone or antiqued-wood effect mellow-coloured glazed stoneware floor available in a range of different colours. Each apartment features a fireplace and earth, sand, stone and pebble-coloured natural wood window and door frames.

The roof is in visible wood, natural, warm and good looking. Outer facing is in natural stone with rustic and antiqued efact, recalling old country houses.
Ability to associate garage, and again, green areas, terraces and gardens located in various parts of the complex, giving it the characteristic appearance of the old mountain buildings, the houses of times gone by once again presented in a modern guise.